About The Villa

Founder - April Scott

Hi There!

Welcome to The Villa,

Sleepwear is generally an afterthought, so starting The Villa my intentions were to bring luxury sleepwear to all women, that will make them feel feminine, fun and fierce but most of all comfortable. I think with the world currently experiencing COVID-19 and lockdowns a lot of women were stuck in their homes feeling pretty meh.... And I wanted to change that, by selling pyjamas that make you feel good about yourself when there's so much uncertainty in the world. There's no rulebook that says we can't look glamorous in sleepwear, right?

Our products are not just for special occasions, although they do look amazing at those too! I want all women who wear our brand to feel fun! And create some amazing memories with those insta-worthy snaps... whether that be at your wedding, hen's party, a maternity shoot or just because you feel like spoiling yourself.

I absolutely love seeing all your photo's that you send through along with your feedback, it truly does make my day. So if you do purchase one of our products, don't forget to tag us on insta @thevillaau or use the hashtag #thevilla or flick us a message to let us know what you think.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

April Scott - Founder